Things to Consider When Using a Recruitment Company

Seeking a new job in New Zealand can be a daunting process, especially in a competitive environment like the Bay of Plenty. Recruitment companies are experts in the job placement field and can be a great place to turn to when taking the next steps in your career. Here are 5 things to consider when using a recruitment company such as Personnel Resources:

1. The recruitment company is on your side

To start: what do recruitment companies actually do? While many people may think that we are solely looking to fill placements in order to receive our client fee, our goal is really to assist people with finding the right role for them. It’s our job to guide and assist you in your job search and help you figure out the next best steps to take in your career. Rather than just making placements to get roles filled, we consider which position and work environment fits each candidate.

2. Contract work can be a great option

Many candidates say that they are only looking for permanent opportunities, and that they won’t consider any contract or temporary roles. While some companies do come to us with permanent roles, temporary work can also be a great option for candidates. There are a large percentage of jobs which start on a temporary or contract basis, with the opportunity to become permanent for the right employee. Temping allows you to get your foot in the door – at Personnel Resources, we’ve had candidates start on a 6 month contract, and still be on the same assignment two years later! Temp work also allows you to gain new work experience and skills which you may not have been able to otherwise. Essentially, keeping your options open is never a bad thing!

3. A recruitment company is a valuable resource

Although some people prefer to job search independently, recruitment companies can be a great place to start and an excellent resource, especially if you’re looking to take your career in a new direction. When a company is sent your CV on a behalf of an agency that they trust, the employer is assured that you are a capable and dependable candidate. Recruiters also work with a variety of industries and can offer insight and advice on positions or environments that you may not have considered. Unlike when interviewing directly for a position, a recruitment company can offer a range of options and continue to work with you towards your goal. Personnel Resources is here to be your trusted support for new opportunities in Tauranga, Rotorua, and Whakatane.

4. Honesty is really the best policy

Regardless of the reason why you’re searching for a new position, it’s best to be as honest and clear about what you’re looking for as possible. If we place you in a role or environment in which you’re unhappy, you’ll end up back at square one and we won’t have done our job. While some candidates may hold back from revealing why they’ve been unsatisfied in a previous position, letting your recruiter know this information ensures that they are better equipped to find the perfect role for you. For example, if you’ve grown frustrated in an environment in which superiors micromanage your work, your consultant at Personnel Resources will search for an environment where you’ll be able to work more independently.

5. It’s free!

One misconception which can be common when considering using a recruitment company is that we will charge a fee before we start looking for a position for you, or that we will take a percentage of your salary once we do find you a position. In the case of Personnel Resources – it’s free! The fees that we receive come from our clients that are happy to have us find them the best talent possible. When we place you in a role in which you can thrive and succeed, we all win.

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