360 Degree Feedback – Performance reviews


360 degree feedback is a diagnostic performance management tool where an individual is rated on their performance by people who know something about their work. This may include direct reports, peers and managers, and in some cases, customers or clients.

The benefits of a 360 degree feedback;

  • Simple and easy to administer through Personnel Resources online system
  • Evidence from multiple raters is perceived as fairer, and more reliable, and is more likely to be accepted by the individual than ratings from a single source.
  • Increased individual ownership for self-development and learning
  • Increased performance of managers will also lead to ‘flow-on’ effects which can impact on the whole organisation as it is the competence of managers that determines in large part the return that organisations realise on their human capital
  • Increased understanding of the behaviours required to improve both individual and organisational effectiveness
  • Read about how 360 degree feedback has recently benefited one of our clients.

For more information on how a 360 degree feedback could benefit your organisation contact angelique@personnelresources.co.nz

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