Temping is a great option if you are ever in a transitional period in your career, for example if you have just moved into the Bay of Plenty, you are returning to the workforce or you are after a career change. Temping offers a great lifestyle choice allowing you to work when and where you want to and is an ideal way to add skills and experience to your resume.

Benefits of temping

Offers variety

A chance to learn new skills

Has the potential to lead to a permanent position

Great networking opportunities

You get to learn about many different businesses and how they operate

Get your foot in the door of your company of choice

Opportunity to work in some of the Bays leading organisations

Short and long term positions

The types of skills needed for temping varies and your skill set will be matched to a position of that level. A reasonable level of computer skills is generally a pre requisite for most assignments. When you register for temping we will assess your skills with a series of computer tests based on the Microsoft office suite.

Temping is becoming an increasingly popular staffing solution for many companies in the Bay of Plenty and typical assignments include:

Personal Assistants and Secretaries


Accounts staff




Health and Safety

Laboratory Staff

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