The way you woo

As an employer, how you attract people to your organisation starts well before the first day. How do you woo?

There’s a terrible (but possibly sometimes true) recruiters joke about heaven and hell which, in brief, shows everything being dreamy and appealing for potential employees but changes the day they become staff.

Working with clients over time, you get a sense of just how genuine their approach is to attracting, welcoming and embracing their people. Retention doesn’t come into it because of the sincere commitment to choosing well for skills and culture fit, and the confidence that comes with people wanting to commit for the long run.

They set the tone with their communication, they take the time, anticipate questions, offer information and respond in a timely way.

From the candidate’s point of view, it builds a picture, creates a positive impression, an edge of anticipation, and an excitement about the prospect of joining an organisation where people clearly count. And not just on the first day.

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