Relocation or Refurbishment as a Business Boost

Time for an upgrade? Read on to find out how relocating, refurbishing or redesigning your office space can enhance your brand and business, while keeping your employees happy and motivated at the same time.

Offices themselves are more than just physical spaces in which to work, as they can often reveal quite a bit about a company in terms of their brand, culture and vision. Considering this, turning your office into an eye-catching and professional looking space can make a powerful and positive impression on clients and prospective employees. Furthermore, such an upgrade sends a signal to the outside world that your business isn’t stagnant – you’re determined to continue to experience growth and have a positive outlook for the future of your company. A refurbishment can also be a wonderful opportunity to upgrade the technology in your office, making sure that your equipment stays up to date.

While an office upgrade can lead to an enhanced brand perception and business performance, it is also an effective way to boost staff morale. Your employees are likely to spend a large chunk of their day at work, so it is important to create a space in which they feel inspired and comfortable. Considering your team’s needs when working on an upgrade – should they need more private spaces or a relaxing area to unwind during breaks – ensures that your team members feel valued and shows that you are happy to invest in improving their environment. The link between morale and productivity is clear – happy workers are productive workers!

One example of an amazing office upgrade was witnessed by the Personnel Resources team last week as we made a trip to view the new premises of Avonmore Tertiary Institute, located in the Tauranga CBD. The new building is filled with lots of light, bright, modern colours, and refreshing furniture and décor. The energy and atmosphere at Avonmore has certainly been updated as well. This sleek and professional environment is sure to attract new students as well as install a sense of pride in existing staff and students, while the new empty classrooms waiting to be filled project confidence in growth and continuity.

Although such a large relocation project as Avonmore may not be possible for every business, even a small refurbishment or redecoration can be a fresh start for your brand, your employees and your company as a whole.

Come check out what we’ve done to create welcoming work spaces representing the Personnel Resources brand in our offices throughout the Bay of Plenty. Along with our centrally located Tauranga premises, we have a bright, sunny space just steps from the waterfront in Whakatane, and a brand new shiny office in downtown Rotorua.

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