Olives and lemons

As newlyweds we planted a lemon tree in a pot on the deck of our apartment. It came with us to the home we built and soon found its place in our garden.

For years it was shrouded by a hedge of olives which took much attention and regular trimming while the lemon tree was only noticed for its underwhelming yield.

In the evolution of our garden the olives eventually went. And that’s when our lemon tree started thriving. Years of being overshadowed, ignored, and having the lifeforce sucked out of it by its surroundings, finally gave way to enthusiastic growth and an abundance of fruit.

It is finally having its time in the sunshine.

In business we’re often quick to fill a gap with someone new and shiny when a resignation happens, or a new project arises. We don’t always consider the talent right under our noses. The people with the aspirations, the capacity or the untapped potential who would thrive given the right opportunity.

Good people are hard to find, look harder.

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