2020 vision

In the southern hemisphere, the school year and the calendar year coincide. Exams, prizegiving, farewells, parties, work functions and family gatherings engage their elbows and jostle for position in our diaries as we tumble into December. It’s mad.

Christmas is at the same time every year and yet we are still surprised by how quickly it comes upon us. We adopt the Mad Scramble Approach to getting everything done in time.

And when it feels like it’s too late, we start putting things off until the new year. We miss opportunities that will take the pressure off in the long run.

That break from work and school, with time on the beach or in the boat, helps unwind the coil of tension that propels us. We extend that summer feeling for as long as possible and could actually enjoy it more if we’ve taken the time to plan ahead.

With 2020 Vision there is time to get sorted before you turn the lights out for the holidays. Contractors, staff, stock, all can be set up now, or be in place for a 2020 start.

Glide into the holiday season with peace of mind and certainty that the important decisions have been made and you can step confidently into 2020 with the staff you need and a workplan in place.

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