Buy Cheap, Buy Dear

Granny Thomson often said, ‘buy cheap, buy dear’ but didn’t always follow her own advice. She rarely resisted those half price winklepicker stilettos for which she was known and paid for it in sore feet and bunions.

Any money or time you think you’re saving can end up costing you more in the long run. Investing in quality materials or workmanship, and quality of service, and taking the time to do a professional job (of which Granny would approve) is more likely to bring better returns.

When talent is scarce and you’re scraping the barrel for staff, do you skip some procedures or assessments? Do you let your standards slip just to get the job done? Letting standards slide can cost. The disciplines of following quality procedures and assessments are actually more important than ever. Letting a staff member go can be a costly exercise.

Without carrying out the usual background checks (including police vetting, credit checks, references, drug or medical tests, skills assessments) you put yourself in a vulnerable position as an employer.

You may appear to be saving money (or time) but you’ll pay for those shortcuts eventually.

Keep those standards up. Make Granny proud.

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